We offer varied and diverse programs to help all youth in our care.

Behavior Program

The Behavior program was developed with the belief that residents can be successfully influenced through recognizing and rewarding positive behavior and attitudes. Tokens are earned throughout the day for participation and appropriate behavior. As more tokens are earned and a resident moves up levels, she/he will acquire privileges, such as a later bedtime and additional phone calls.

Individual Counseling

Residents who have a current counselor may continue therapy with their counselor. However, NNJS has developed a partnership through the Wayne State College Master's Counseling Program, which provides individual counseling free of charge to longer term residents. If you are interested in setting up a counseling session, contact Heather at 402-454-3955.

Guest Speakers

Individuals and/or groups come into our facility on a volunteer basis. Volunteers have ranged from nutritionists, military recruiters, police officers/detectives, suicide prevention specialists, human service educators, government agencies, etc.

Girl Scouting In Detention Centers

Offers detained girls the chance to participate in activities that help cultivate a positive values system, a stronger social consciousness, higher self-esteem, and the critical life skills needed to become healthy, productive young women. All of this is delivered through a network of caring adults who serve as strong role models for personal success.


Narcotics and Alcoholics Anonymous

These programs are optional for the residents and offered on a monthly basis.

Daily Program Classes

NNJS offers residents a daily behavior program which includes life skills topics such as anger and stress management, drug and alcohol education, healthy relationships, employment skills and many others.

Religious Programs

Friday Night Bible Study is held Friday evenings and offers a short bible study along with snacks and drinks.

Youth and Families for Christ comes each Saturday morning to provide a small group bible study lesson along with snacks.

Catholic Bible Study comes one Sunday each month and provides youth with a bible study and snacks.

Christian Motorcycle Association comes one Sunday each month and provides youth with a bible study and snacks.

Pastoral Care

NNJS hosts pastors and retired pastors to provide one on one pastoral care to residents each week.