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We are always looking for new and innovative ways to educate the youth we serve.  

Our Goal

We strive to offer a safe, comfortable learning environment where students can be productive and earn credit they need to progress towards graduation.


Our School


Nebraska Juvenile Services is recognized by the Nebraska Department of Education as a Rule 18 School.  This recognition ensures we provide state certified teachers and state approved curriculum options.  All work that students complete with us is transferred back to home schools helping students advance towards graduation.

Individualized Education

When new students arrive at NNJS we develop an Academic Advancement Plan for each student.   This plan is developed with input from the home school’s teachers and guidance counselors to ensure each student is being offered appropriate work comparable to what they would be working on in their home schools.


Curriculum Options


NNJS provides numerous curriculum options geared to meet a wide variety of student needs.  The curriculum options we provide include an on-line curriculum called Acellus, textbooks and the PASS curriculum.  Schools may also send textbooks or homework to their students.  We then assist students in completing work from home schools.  All of our curriculum options provide both core curriculum classes and electives needed for graduation requirements.


Special Education


NNJS has a Special Education teacher on staff, and provides special educations services as needed. 


Unique Learning Opportunities


NNJS understands the importance of making learning fun and incorporates various hands on learning opportunities.  Our Vocational Classroom offers a laser engraving machine and an embroidery machine where students create personalized projects they can take home with them. 


We offer daily life skills / social skills education to prepare students for their futures.  We offer a comprehensive library that is well received by all of our students.  We also offer a daily block of literature activities that make reading and writing both fun and challenging.

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