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Northeast Nebraska, Inc. Wellness Strategy

NNJS, Inc. recognizes that youth obesity is at critical levels throughout the United States.  Children who are overweight are at a higher risk for developing severe long-term health problems and are affected by psychological stress, discrimination, and low self-esteem.  Obesity is largely preventable through a nutritious diet and daily physical activity.

Youth who eat well-balanced meals and eat healthy snacks are more likely to thrive in the classroom.  Physical activity has a positive impact on concentration, focus and achievement.  NNJS, Inc. supports increased emphasis on nutrition and physical activity for all youth being held in the facility.

NNJS, Inc. shall:

  1. Provide access to healthy and nutritious meals and snacks for youth and staff

  2. Provide opportunities for physical activity for youth and staff

  3. Provide youth and staff with nutrition education to promote  a strong foundation of healthy eating behaviors in a challenging world​



Food Service Program

NNJS, Inc. supports the philosophy of the Federal School Lunch and Breakfast Program and shall provide nutritious and wholesome meals for all youth and staff.  Meals served at NNJS, Inc. will comply with state law, federal law and Nebraska Jail Standards.

Sufficient time will be allowed for youth to eat meals in areas that are clean, safe, and comfortable.  Breakfast is 7:30 to 8:00 a.m.; Lunch is from 11:30 to 12:15 p.m.

Nutrition Education



Nutrition, health and fitness topics shall be integrated within NNJS, Inc’s Education Curriculum and Program time outside of the normal classroom.  NNJS, Inc. staff will also receive nutritional education on a monthly basis through take home in-services (top health) or education will be integrated into staff meetings on a regular basis.

Nutrition Standards

NNJS, Inc. will require that healthy food and beverage options be included in the educational program reward system, commissary snack items and staff vending machines.

NNJS Garden

During the spring each year NNJS residents and staff utilize approximately 900 square foot area to design and plant a vegetable and flower garden.  Residents will receive education on how to begin, manage and harvest vegetables and herbs that they have grown.  Once harvested the vegetables and herbs are utilized by NNJS kitchen for special meals.  The remainder of the vegetables and herbs are donated to staff and the local food pantry to be given to people in the community.

Physical Education and Activity


Physical Education

NNJS, Inc. will promote lifetime physical activity choices and encourage youth and staff to invest themselves in activity-based programs throughout life.  Teachers will be encouraged to integrate physical activity into the curriculum when appropriate.

Physical Activity

NNJS, Inc. will provide an environment that promotes safe and enjoyable fitness activities for all youth and staff, including those who cannot or will not participate in competitive sports.   Youth will receive at least one hour of physical exercise per day. 

Staff Wellness


NNJS values the health and well-being of every staff member and will promote healthy life styles through our monthly Top Health in-services and hosting a Biggest Loser contest annually.  NNJS gets support through local service providers such as the YMCA, Starbucks and other willing agencies to provide positive prizes for employee participation.  NNJS will pay for $250 toward the grand prize winner’s fitness center of choice.

Policy Evaluation 


NNJS, Inc. Administration, through evaluation of all staff responsible for nutrition education, nutrition standards and physical education and activity, will ensure that the requirements of this policy are met.

NNJS, Inc. shall establish, maintain and evaluate this Policy annually to stress a proactive stance on the wellness of its youth and staff.

View non-discrimination policy

Adopted 09-22-17

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